SuperWipes + Soap Kills Corona Virus on Contact!

10 units SuperWipes 10-pack with CORONA VIRUS KILLER Super soap

10 paks of 10 SuperWipes in a convenient sleeve, easy to toss in to your bag, purse, backpack, or vehicle glove box.

100 SuperWipes to help keep your hands safe and clean while on the go.

Like having a sink wherever you go! The soap dissolves the virus and you wipe it away!

Comes with 125ml (4 oz) of CORONA VIRUS KILLER special soap solution. Just add water.
24 cm x 24 cm (10" x 10"), 100% recyclable reuseable flushable cellulose/viscose.



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Hotel & Restaurant



Delight your guests at check-in!

A refreshing pause awaits ...



Parents taking kids of all ages out to eat need SuperWipes!

Offer your customers a WOW experience!

Beauty & Fashion



Save your towels! Spa owners appreciate the savings and convenience of SuperWipes.

Economical, gentle, sterile instant wipes, whenever and wherever you need them.

Use with a few drops of makeup or nail polish remover, or with a bit of moisturizer.   




WOW your passengers! 


Offer SuperWipes in all sections and get thanked by appreciative travelers.




Hygiene is important to us all.


Keep your equipment clean and bacteria-free with SuperWipes!


Camping & Fishing




For active glampers, clean up with SuperWipes is fast, easy and super-convenient!




Catch, release and SuperWipe!

Baby Care



Convenient, soft, disposable instant SuperWipes ... for the little people in your life.


SuperWipes are so handy and economical.