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Hotel & Restaurant

Delight your guests at check-in!

                                                                                            Parents of kids of all ages need SuperWipes! Serve your customers a WOW experience!

Beauty & Fashion

Save your towels! Spa owners appreciate the savings and convenience of SuperWipes. Economical, gentle, sterile instant wipes, whenever and wherever you need them. Use with a few drops of makeup or nail polish remover, or with a bit of moisturizer.   


Wow your passengers! Serve SuperWipes in any section, and get thanked over and over by appreciative travelers. 


Keep your equipment clean and bacteria-free with SuperWipes!

Camping and Fishing




For people on the go, clean up with SuperWipes is fast, easy and super-convenient! 




                                                                                                                        Catch, release and SuperWipe!

Baby Care

Convenient, soft, disposable instant wipes... for life's little people. SuperWipes are so handy and economical.